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Ramar Transportation & Logistics Group : Commercial

Ramar Transportation & Logistics Group, Inc. offers a wide range of services for commercial Office Moves.  Whether relocating to a new location or within your current location, we can provide a quality move with minimal interruption to your business.

Ramar can provide solutions for the logistic challenges of Industrial and Plant moves.  We can service both in plant moves, as well as local or nationwide relocations.  We offer flexibility in scheduling that will help minimize down time.

Rigging services are available for special handling of heavy equipment and specialized goods

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Responsible environmental practices are important to Ramar, as it will affect the future of our company, our community, our people, and our Earth.  We are committed to going green which includes recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, fuel efficiency, and idle reduction initiatives.  We will always be looking to the future and be mindful of how we can make a difference through best practices for sustainability.


Ramar Transportation & Logistics Group: Commercial

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